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With Roy Moore’s defeat, we are witnessing the end of the party of family values

The party that said that gay marriage would lead to the normalization of pedophilia is normalizing pedophilia. The party that asked “How can you keep someone like Anthony Weiner in your orbit?” is urging Americans to keep someone like Anthony Weiner in their orbit. The party that routinely accuses Mohammed of being a pedophile is […]

Tolerance doesn’t require that we tolerate the intolerant

It never fails. As soon as people of sound moral and ethical character protest acts of hatred or inequality, there are cries of “the tolerant left” being intolerant of anyone who doesn’t share their views. Whether it be the post-election anti-Trump rallies, the Hamilton-Pence dust-up, or former Red Sox hero (and current embarrassment) Curt Schilling’s firing […]

The State of Religion In Maine: Takeaways From The Pew Research Survey

Americans are becoming less religious, especially young adults. That’s the takeaway soundbite from The latest Pew Research Center’s Religious Landscape Study. But what about Maine? The Almanac of American Politics describes Maine as “a state with a distinctive personality,” labeling us as “ornery” and “contrary minded.” Does this hold true with regards to our changing […]